Kid Movie Party - Lights, Camera, Action!

Now your child can star in their very own movie

And you can share their movie with family and friends all over the world.


Glad you asked

Because it's so easy, lots of fun and your child and all their friends will have a wonderful time (and so will you).

Everyone has dreamed of starring in a movie -- and now you can have a super fun, one-of-a-kind movie making adventure.

"The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" and "The Lost Treasure of Billy Bones" are free mini-movie scripts available exclusively from Fun Kid Birthday

Not Just For Birthdays

You'll be happy to learn that you can use these two movie scripts as a fun activity anytime! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, holidays or -- any other time, just think -- kid movie party.

Imagine the fun

With your free movie script, you'll also receive our easy to follow Movie Production Tips that help you have even more fun producing your movie.

Your "World Premiere Movie"

Share your completed movie with the word. That's right, you'll also get your very own Movie web page so you can put your movie on the Internet. You can also list your "Cast Credits" and tell everyone all about your fun movie making adventure. And don't forget to tell everyone about those fun Behind the Scenes moments.

Get your free script now

At the end of this article you'll find a link where you can get your free movie adventure script and your free Movie web page.

Fun Kid Movie Party Ideas

Invite everyone to your party with a Movie Star Contract invitation. You can word it like this:

"(Your family name) Productions is producing a movie and we want you to be one of our stars in our blockbuster movie titled "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" (change the title as needed, like "The Great Treasure Hunt", or "(first name of your child)'s Great Treasure Hunt Adventure."

"Please arrive at the front gate of (Your family name) Productions movie studios at (time) on (day), (date) to begin filming your scenes."

"The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" will be filmed on location, in and around our movie studio located at (address of your home),"

"Please sign this Movie Star Contract and call our director (name of director) at (phone number) to let us know that you are available to star in our movie production."

"P.S. "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" will have a World Premiere shortly after our production has wrapped (ended)."

If you want your actors in costume, be sure and mention that in your invitation.

You can send your movie by mail or have some fun and have a "movie star" deliver the invitations in person. You might even give everyone a little autograph book to bring to the "set."

During your production you can set up a table with movie style props and decorations and snacks. Chips and dip, gummy bears, M&Ms, Pretzel Sticks, Fruit Roll Ups, and something to drink. Your snack table will keep everyone happy during production.

Kid Movie Party -- Screen Your Dailies

Immediately after your production is over, let everyone see your unedited footage. In the movie industry, "dailies" are the scenes that were shot the day before. Your cast will have a lot of fun watching the footage and seeing all the "bloopers" and other fun takes.

Your Private Movie Screening

Follow your movie party with a fun private movie screening for cast and crew and invited guests.

Send out some movie ticket invitations, roll out the red carpet, have some "paparazzi" (photographers) shooting pictures as your Stars arrive -- shoot some video too.

Enjoy some popcorn and watch your movie

Kid Movie Party -- Academy Awards Style Party

After your private movie screening, it's time for a fun Academy Awards style presentation. Be sure to give everyone in your cast a "best actor award." And of course everyone gets to make their acceptance speech. You'll have so much fun.

Now your child can star in their very own super fun movie

And you can share all your movie fun with your friends and family all over the world.

Have Fun


Get your free script right now -- it's easy, just click on the link below and you'll be saying "Lights, Action, Camera" and enjoying your unique, one-of-a-kind movie making experience.